Peter Quinn Architects LLC is a mid-sized firm in the Boston area, with over 25 years of experience. We endeavor to create places that serve people and delight the senses through design that is imaginative, functional, responsive, and economically, socially, and environmentally responsible.


We offer thoughtful design capabilities from concept through construction. Our skilled professionals represent a wide variety of skills, experience, and talents, specializing in architecture, planning and community design. They are proficient in building design, project visualization and 3D modeling, site planning, urban design, and zoning analysis.


Challenges inspire us.


We provide creative and achievable design solutions committed to pragmatic solutions and a collaborative approach. Many of our projects have involved difficult site configurations and complex municipal restrictions, creative solutions in the restoration of historic structures, and the adaptive reuse of older buildings. We are comfortable working with a range of budgets and are adaptable to both traditional and contemporary building aesthetics. We work with a number of highly skilled consultants in the region with whom we have long-term relationships with and who provide us with consistently excellent service so that we can put our client’s needs at the forefront.